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Environnement - DHL


The board at DHL has defined reducing carbon dioxide emissions and fighting climate change as their main objective. To this end, they have created the GO Green program, which takes other environmental factors such as waste management, biodiversity, etc., into account as well.

  • One of their main targets as concerns atmospheric pollution is a 30% reduction in their carbon emissions by 2020 compared to 2007. Listed below are several actions recently implemented locally at Nice:
  • Delivery to Nice city centre using scooters and two electric vehicles
  • Sorting and recycling of used printer cartridges and allowing their reuse
  • Awareness campaigns on eco-friendly everyday actions
  • Replacement of vehicles in their delivery fleet by a Mercedes Sprinter Euro 6 equipped with an AdBlue reservoir, which promotes the reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions
  • Collection of used batteries within the agency