Les témoignages des personnels de l'aéroport de nice

Watch a video of Patricia, an Operations Control Assistant


Created by Air Emploi, in collaboration with the Air France photo agency

Eric- Terminal manager (operations)


The terminal manager oversees all terminal activities relating to dealing with passengers, attendants, accompanying persons, and people with reduced mobility, in terms of airport information, welcome, directions and assistance.  He is also in charge of the teams who are responsible for these activities. It is a crucial role:  in particular, the terminal manager is the first representative of the airport management company on the ground, resolving operational problems affecting passengers. For Eric, it is important to understand passengers' needs and those of other users (airline companies, DGAC, borders, air police, helicopter companies, catering companies, etc.) but he also needs to be responsive, diplomatic, available, responsible, know how to anticipate or manage emergencies, have a good understanding of English, etc.

Eric had a Masters in English at the outset, but it was above all his aeronautical experience in relation to passengers and airline companies which led to him being appointed to the position as terminal manager.  Indeed, for several years he was a flight coordinator for Air France and then for AOM. Eric enjoys this job which has an impact on airport life.

Watch a video of Guillaume, a Terminal Facilities Maintenance Assistant


Created by Air Emploi, in collaboration with the Air France photo agency

Robin - Industrial electricity maintenance worker


Robin is a medium voltage-low voltage maintenance worker at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport.  Although his work is not directly related to aeronautics, he contributes to the smooth running of the airport and its ongoing electrical operations by conducting repair work and preventative maintenance.  He holds a professional electro-technical Baccalaureate and a BTS certificate in industrial maintenance. He found out about this position through his technical college.  His role is to check that equipment is available and operates correctly, conduct diagnostic tests, carry out monitoring, etc. From his point of view, the job requires a certain amount of flexibility (e.g. shift work, the ability to be responsive and not let stress get the better of you in the event of simultaneous interventions).

He is also occasionally in contact with clients such as airline companies. Although he was initially overwhelmed by the magnitude of the airport hub, he likes knowing what goes on behind the scenes, the unknown side of the airport of which passengers are unaware.


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