A new phase of its history

Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur Directoire

A new deal for the sky

2018 saw a major turning point for the Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur Group. All our efforts in every one of our activities came to fruition, enabling us to assert our new position as an exemplary leader that is changing the industry, with its bold, innovative and promising solutions. In commercial aviation, we almost reached the symbolic figure of 14 million passengers. And without the disruptions to air traffic that affected us, we would have reached it. But we did win some more fundamental battles.

For a start, more months with one million passengers. This is a sign that we have succeeded in speeding up the reduction of the seasonal nature of our offer to the benefit of the attractiveness and dynamism of our territory.
Thus, our network has pursued its continual and controlled growth, reaching 121 destinations in 44 countries in the summer of 2019, without any charter flights. We are ramping up both transverse and long-haul connections, with new services to Kuwait and Newark. And especially, with the opening of the only direct connection to Beijing from France, outside Paris. We are stepping up both our low-cost and our 100% business services, for an optimised passenger mix and improved guarantees for the airlines.

More and more passengers, two thirds of whom are incoming, more and more direct connections and, this summer, the unprecedented self-connecting offer, with our internally developed Nice Connect solution, that is unique in France, independent of any airline or alliance, and open to all distributors. This offer sums up our ambition and supports our vision of offering passengers a credible alternative to the major hubs in northern Europe, while also providing a breath of fresh air in an airspace that is saturated due to the centralisation of traffic.

On the general aviation front, we have consolidated our position as the second European player. Traffic increased on our three platforms, in terms of movements and landed tonnage. The growth of larger aircraft, that are more modern and less polluting, has demonstrated that we made the right strategic choices by adapting our infrastructures in recent years.
Our Sky Valet FBO activity also scored some resoun-ding successes, by handling 50,929 aircraft. We have succeeded in increasing our market share in terms of volume three-fold at the highly competitive Paris-Le Bourget airport. Looking beyond these unprecedented results, our Sky Valet FBO also confirmed its leading position in Spain by inaugurating its FBO activity in Ibiza and by winning the RFPs for FBO services in Madrid and Barcelona, further strengthening our leadership on the Iberian markets.

In 2018, we also introduced a new approach to FBO. Our new Sky Valet Connect label now offers our excellence of service to independent airports and FBOs that want to benefit from our expertise and our high visibility. In just a few months, Sky Valet Connect added six new destinations in three countries to our FBO network, extending our traditional presence in the Mediterranean as far as Bulgaria. Here again, our offer illustrates our ambition and our vision. The European market wants consolidated FBO networks, optimised costs, simplified operations and a harmonised quality of service. As a leader that aims to reshape its market, we also take action on our passengers’ experiences. Nice Côte d’Azur was voted best commercial airport operator in the world in 2018. An achievement that rewards our successful efforts to rethink our offer around the concept of the “sense of place”. Today, landing in Nice, tomorrow, making a stopover, is the promise of a unique trip within Europe.

Finally, we are also pursuing our environmental ambition to set world-class ecological standards. Nice Côte d’Azur was the first airport in France to win the level 3+ Carbon Neutral accreditation in 2016. In 2018, the entire Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur Group received the same distinction, making it the only 100% carbon neutral airport group in France. Exemplary leadership is in our DNA, and we will continue to step up our efforts as far as possible to maintain this level of environmental excellence out of our respect for the regions we work for day after day. We believe that our strategic vision is the right one, and we feel confident that everyone will continue to strive to achieve our ambitions in 2019, and that we will strike a new deal for the sky that is advantageous for airlines, passengers and the regions we serve.

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