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Published on 17/02/2015 at 17:30 • Updated on 20/02/2015 at 15:41

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Issued 17 February 2015

Nouvelle offre restauration

As part of its ambitious renovation of the terminals at the Nice platform, in the early summer of 2014, the Aéroports Côte d'Azur Group launched a consultation to renew passenger and staff catering services.

The specifications asked bidders to satisfy the original vision defined by the Airport, "to provide the most surprising commercial airport experience in a European airport." Two new operators, SSP and RELAY France, developed the most compelling deals with concepts adapted to the needs of all passengers, from fast food to table service, from simple to high-end concepts.

Both complementary and competing, the two companies will share some 20 points of sale in both Terminal 1 (695 m2 in the check-in lounge + 1,640 m2 in the boarding lounge i.e. a quadrupling of space) and Terminal 2 (1,578 m2 in the check-in lounge + 1,108 m2 in the boarding lounge, a tripling of space). Some twenty new outlets will take on the entire existing staff. A large share will be operational as of April 2015 at Terminal 1 and as of May 2017 at Terminal 2.

"The choice of operators marks an initial stage in the ambitious future targeted by the Nice platform, our prime concern being to satisfy our customers while promoting and showcasingthe image of our local territory", said Dominique Thillaud, Chairman of the Aéroports de la Côte d'Azur Group.

For Filip SOETE, Director of the Commercial Business Unit of the Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur Group,"we have selected the bids most consistent with our vision: these are the most surprising and, while being entirely contemporary, most loyal to our locality, the French Rivier”.

For Michel PEROL, CEO of RELAY France,"Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is rooted in a region with a strong identity and enjoying an outstanding international reputation. We therefore wanted to offer its passengers a service range that is distinguished both by its high quality and its innovative aspect. This success marks a milestone in the development of our food concessions".

For Gérard d’ONOFRIO, CEO of SSP (France, Belgium, Holland),"our catering bid focused on innovation and quality and we are proud to be part of this renovation project alongside Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, with a shared goal of excellence and experience worthy of passengers' expectations".


Conférence de presse - 17/02/2015


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